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Read our policy and advocacy blog posts written by our General Manager of Advocacy and Inclusion, Dr Ellen Marks, and Policy Officer, Dr Richard Schweizer. 

Topics will cover mental health, advocacy and policy and aims to chip away at stigma associated with mental illness and to send a message to Australian decision-makers that Australians deserve and need change. 

Dr Ellen Marks is the General Manager of Advocacy and Inclusion at One Door Mental Health. She is a medical scientist by training, turned passionate mental health advocate following the suicide of a loved one in 2012. 

Dr Richard Schweizer is a consumer advocate and Policy Officer at One Door Mental Health. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 23, Richard is always interested in public speaking about mental illness. Richard is also a serial student, having completed degrees in Arts and Law, a Masters in Journalism and a PhD about the sociology of schizophrenia.

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Dr-Richard-Schweizer-Photo-Credit-news-com-au 29 Jun 2017
20170629 Mental illness is normal
Dr Richard Schweizer from One Door Mental Health on why mental illness is deeply normal
Category tag: Stigma | Advocacy | Mental Illness
BLOG 25 May 2017
Read up on key Mental Health issues with One Door's Dr Ellen Marks and Dr Richard Schweizer.
Category tag: Policy | Advocacy | Blog
Dr-Richard-Schweizer-Photo-Credit-news-com-au 22 May 2017
20170522 Living with internalised stigma
Dr Richard Schweizer from One Door Mental Health talks about living with internalised stigma.