Research into mental illness

One Door Mental Health is dedicated to being at the forefront of knowledge about mental illness. As part of this commitment we assisted with the establishment of the Psychosis Australia Trust, have established a Research Trust Fund and the Peter Meyer Fund for Research into Schizophrenia.

The Peter Meyer Fund is named after Peter Daniel Meyer, a young man living with schizophrenia who managed his condition to create some of the most significant artworks created by someone with lived experience.

On 1 January 2003 Peter took his own life. His parents Rosalind and Bob Meyer founded the trust fund in his honour. The aim of the fund is to provide grants to young researchers working specifically to fill the gap in knowledge about schizophrenia.

One Door also proactively seeks and develops partnerships with researchers at universities.  The partnerships range from the provision of our consumer educators, the evaluation of a program, a partnership wherein a staff member or One Door is actively involved in the research, to other joint ventures. Many organisations also seek our help in sourcing participants for studies. Contact us for more information on studies looking for participants.

For more information on the Research Trust Fund, the Peter Meyer Fund, or if you are a researcher looking for more information please click here to contact us.