Frangipani House (Parramatta)

A place for you in Parramatta

At Frangipani House you are always welcome. We provide a safe, supportive, respectful environment.

At Frangipani House we offer a range of social, recreational and educational activities for adults experiencing persistent mental illness. These activities include mystery trips, birthday lunches, arts and crafts, creative writing and self-development workshops.

Frangipani House is a place where you can look after more than just your mental health. We regularly run physical health programs to help you quit smoking and make better nutrition and lifestyle choices to complement your mental health journey. You’re also welcome to drop by for a coffee and a chat.

Frangipani House is run by One Door Mental Health. Each member of Frangipani House is welcome, wanted and expected to arrive each day.

In June, Frangipani House regular favourites such as: ‘pet therapy’, bingo, movie club, ‘Let’s Talk’, ‘Discussion Club’, and our ‘Coffee Shop Chat Group’ will be on as normal. We also have some excellent excursions on this month including a visit to the Australian Museum, a tour of the Royal Botanic Garden’s new floral installation, and a visit and information session at Parramatta library designed to introduce and encourage client engagement with their local library.
In addition to this, we are excited to welcome on board our certified yoga instructor, Samantha, who will be running ‘Yoga for Beginners’ each Monday morning at 10.30am. We are extremely grateful to Sam for donating her time to our service, and anticipate that this will be an extremely popular group with clients. We would also like to acknowledge our ‘pet therapy’ facilitator, Margaret, who is bringing along her sweet labradoodle, ‘Benny’ each month. This group has been hugely successful with clients, and is just continuing to grow in popularity! Also, we have a new client-led group called ‘What’s New with Daz’ which will focus upon healthy eating and cost-saving measures for grocery shopping.
Frangipani House staff are available to assist clients with NDIS applications and service provision. We have staff at One Door who could provide Coordination of Service for clients with NDIS packages. If you have clients who already have NDIS packages and would like to purchase our services, please contact myself on the details below, or speak to a Frangipani House staff member, and we will assist you and your client.

If you have any questions about Frangipani House, our program or how we can assist clients with their NDIS applications and plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Find us at:
5 Alice Street
Harris Park NSW 2150
P. 02 9689 2600
Email us

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