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Board and Leadership Team

Our leadership

Input from those affected by mental illness is valued at every level of our organisation which is why the majority of our board members and 75% of our staff have lived experience as a consumer or carer.

The Board

Anthony Harris

  Chairman -  Professor Anthony Harris

Anthony is a research psychiatrist based at Westmead. He is also a SRI Researcher. Anthony has strong interests in the neurosciences, early intervention and cognitive therapy. Anthony is a Trustee with the Research Trust Fund. He has been a member of the Board for 21 years and has had a strong involvement in One Door’s annual symposium.

Robert Goldie

Director - Robert Goldie

Robert is a corporate lawyer and a carer of a person with mental illness. He has been a member of the Hornsby Kur Ring Gai Association, a mental illness group in Northern Sydney, for over 30 years. He has been a Board Member for five years.

Nick Lunzer2

Director - Nick Lunzer 

Nicholas is a consumer from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He is a member of One Door’s Consumer Consultative Committee. He has tertiary qualifications. Nicholas has been a Board Member for six years.

Peter Ferguson

Director - Peter Ferguson

Peter is Group General Counsel and Company Secretary for IRESS Ltd. He is a lawyer with a strong background in corporate governance, management and business strategy. Peter has been a Board Member for six years.  


Director - Raj Mendes 

Raj is Managing Director of The Customer Experience Company. He is a Bachelor of Engineering and has a Certificate in Management and Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management. He joined the Board in 2017.

Sonja Schweizer

Director - Sonja Schweizer

Sonja is a carer of her son who has schizophrenia. Sonja is the Office Manager at Schweizer Korbas Legal Practice and has skills in finance and audit. She was elected to the Board in 2015.


One Door Leadership Team

Acting Chief Executive Officer
Steve Graham
General Manager – Advocacy and Inclusion
Dr Ellen Marks
General Manager – Corporate Services Steve Graham
General Manager - Funded Programs Lesley Morrison
General Manager - NDIS Vivien Tait
SWSPIR NDIS Business Transition Manager  John Downie