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Our Board and Leadership Team

Input from those affected by mental illness is valued at every level of our organisation, which is why the majority of our board members and over half of our staff have lived experience as a consumer or carer. 

The Board


Chairman -  Professor Anthony Harris

Anthony is a research psychiatrist based at Westmead and a SRI Researcher. Anthony has strong interests in the neurosciences, early intervention and cognitive therapy.
Anthony is a Trustee with the Research Trust Fund and has been a member of the Board for 21 years.  

  Anthony Harris

Director - Peter Ferguson

Peter is Group General Counsel and Company Secretary for IRESS Ltd.
Peter is originally a lawyer with a strong background in corporate governance, management and business strategy. Peter was elected to the Board in 2013.

Peter Ferguson

Director - Sonja Schweizer

Sonja is a Carer of her son who lives with schizophrenia.
Sonja is the Office Manager at Schweizer Korbas Legal Practice and
has skills in finance and audit. Sonja was elected to the Board in 2015.

Sonja Schweizer

Director - Bernie Mullin

Bernie is a Public Health Physician, working in health system transformation and is experienced in implementing evidence-based programs.
With her partner, they are carers for their daughter who is living with schizophrenia. Bernie was elected to the Board in 2019.

Bernie Mullin


Director - Annette Ruhotas

Annette is Founder and Principal Consultant of Be The Change Consulting Group, a trusted Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) advisory practice. Her experience spans two decades of Board, Executive and Advisory roles in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors in Australia, UK and South Pacific. Annette’s professional career includes executive leadership positions in corporate foundations, corporate social responsibility, corporate/charity partnerships, community development, sustainability, business operations, project management and delivery. Annette is an active health consumer representative, with a range of health industry expertise including community/stakeholder engagement, health-related research and mental health. Annette is an enthusiastic volunteer and activist in her community, with a firm belief in ‘being the change I wish to see’. Annette was elected to the Board in 2020.

Annette Ruhotas - Headshot 

Director - Angela MacMillan

Angela is the Commonwealth Bank’s Customer Advocate with a mandate to address and prevent poor customer outcomes. Angela also co-chairs Unity, the bank’s LGBTI+ employee network, and is passionate about advocating for people in vulnerable circumstances, Indigenous affairs and other significant community issues such as domestic and family violence. Angela has a strong background in advocacy, strategy development, and organisational governance. Angela hopes her corporate and not-for-profit experience will help support One Door to continue to build its resilience in a continually evolving and increasingly challenging environment. Angela was elected to the Board in 2020.

Angela MacMillan - Headshot 

Director - Auswell Chia

Auswell is an experienced Management Consultant with broad experience across financial services, media and entertainment, and healthcare. He focuses on creating shareholder value, enhancing customer and employee experiences and fostering competitive agility. He works with leadership teams to architect business and operating model shifts, shape technology-driven transformations, M&A and sustainability agendas. Auswell wants to bring his strategic and financial skillset to help One Door make important decisions that will shape its immediate and long-term future. Auswell was elected to the Board in 2020

Auswell Chia - Headshot 


One Door Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Kathi Boorman  
Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Kerlin  
Acting Chief Operations Officer Kinga Barron