Recovery 2gether

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One Door Mental Health - we support people who live with or care for someone with mental illness

Since early 2021, we welcomed the majority of our workforce into our purpose-driven approach of self-organising teams.

Over the last few years, One Door has been dedicated to training and investing in our skilled workforce so they can continue to deliver person centred and recovery focused supports.

Our new way of working is called Recovery 2gether; it reflects our mission to create a world where people living with mental illness are valued and treated as equals, and our values (ASPIRE).

Recovery 2gether is a purpose-driven approach that uses self-organising teams to deliver locally responsive services. We operate from a place of trust in our valued workforce; and successfully introduced the self-organising approach in our NDIS teams from July 2019.

Supported by an Operations Lead/Recovery 2getherCoach, team members share tasks and roles, arrange their schedules, and review their progress and the team’s progress together. They act on the needs of individuals and communities, and make our organisation more effective, efficient and sustainable.

We are excited about the changes at One Door and remain committed to quality service delivery, with a skilled workforce, to achieve positive outcomes with the people we support.

If you would like more information, please send an email to Stephanie Smith, Chief Operating Officer (COO),