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One Door Mental Health - we support people living with mental illness

You may have heard about some changes we’ve made since 1 July 2019, when our NDIS teams started working with a purpose-driven approach using self-organising teams. Our new approach is called Recovery 2gether; it reflects our mission to create a world a world where people living with mental illness are valued and treated as equals, and our values (ASPIRE).

Our Strategic Plan outlines steps to include other One Door services in Recovery 2gether.

Our focus is on the people we support

Local teams in Recovery 2gether are firmly focused on being responsive, creative and innovative; we collaborate with the people we support. Together, we act on the needs of communities, and make our organisation more effective, efficient and sustainable. 

Self-organising teams

We trust our workforce, knowing our people add the most value to One Door. To keep things simple, we will reduce One Door “management” positions and increase other staff supports.  

Team members share tasks and roles, arrange their schedules, and review their own progress and the team’s progress together. Teams make localised decisions with the people we support. Teams do not have managers/team leaders/coordinators. They are supported by a Coach. 

Moving other One Door teams to Recovery 2gether

One Door is now in a process to transition more teams to Recovery 2gether. We remain committed to quality service delivery, with a skilled workforce, to achieve positive outcomes with the people we support.

Over the next four months (November to February 2021) One Door will be dedicated to training and investing in our skilled workforce.

We’ll keep talking with you about any changes that we might make. We believe, as our mission states, that: together, we can change the world.

If you would like more information, please send an email to Vivien Tait, Chief Operating Officer (COO),