What is advocacy?

Advocacy is the actions taken to influence or produce systemic change to ensure fair treatment and social justice for people living with mental illness and their carers.

In the 30 years we have been helping people with severe and persistent mental illness, we quickly learnt there is only so far that one-on-one support goes. There are systemic and societal barriers to people with lived experience getting the help they need.

Breaking down these barriers doesn’t just happen. A great deal of expertise goes into collaboration, research, recommendations, lobbying and education. All these parts work together to create an inclusive community where everyone can lead a positive life.

A key part of ending the stigma is education. One Door Education and Training runs regular workshops for consumers, families, carers, organisations and the general public on a broad range of mental health topics. The areas covered include creating a mentally healthy workplace, accidental counselling, understanding personality disorders, developing caring skills and much more. For more information about our education and training sessions click here.

One Door Mental Health’s CEO, Kathi Boorman regularly meets with members of parliament and other key decision makers in government to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience are heard.

The team at One Door Mental Health know that every Australian plays a role in creating a world in which people with mental illness are valued and treated as equals.