About Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a term that is used to describe any condition that affects the way you think, feel or act. Mental illness also includes addiction to substances including alcohol and other illicit drugs. 

Mental illness can be caused by a number of influences including stress or trauma, a biological vulnerability where your brain develops a certain way from birth or a combination of the two. 

When we talk about ‘severe and persistent’ mental illness we are talking about conditions that stop you from leading an ordinary life, this is also known as a psycho-social disability. It is often episodic making it challenging for those with lived experience to maintain a stable life.



I think I have a mental illness

Call Information & Support 1800 843 539 if you think you might have a mental illness and are not sure what to do.

I want to know more

To find out more about mental illness, join one of our education sessions.

Asking for a friend

If you think someone you know might need some help, we can help you approach them and express your concern.