Advocacy Advice Form

What is the Advocacy Advice Form?

This form can be used to bring an advocacy issue to the attention of One Door Mental Health's CEO. We are interested to hear your thoughts, concerns, experiences and solutions to issues that affect those living with a mental illness.

One Door Mental Health will use this information to inform our systemic advocacy work which may include formal or informal submissions to the government and also advocacy campaigns.

What the AAF isn’t

While we wish we could advocate on every issue, some issues are not feasible for widespread advocacy so we can’t guarantee that every issue sent through an AAF will be selected for an advocacy campaign.

Unfortunately, One Door Mental Health cannot offer individual advocacy to consumers or carers.

You can fill in a form online at Survey Monkey or download the Advocacy Advice Form from this page. 

This is not a complaint form. If you wish to make a complaint or provide feedback please visit