On Fire RAW Challenge

On Fire Young Carers

Saturday 24 November 2018, our On Fire Young Carers took part in the RAW challenge at Doyalson. Members spent many months planning and were well prepared for the challenge!

The day started early with 7:45 am pickup, no easy feat for a Saturday morning! There was both trepidation and excitement in the air, unknown of what we had signed ourselves up for. After a long trip, through Sydney traffic, we arrived at Doyalson on the sunny Central Coast. After much discussion on looking after our wellbeing, we were ready to put this information to the test. Could exercise, team work and talking really make us feel better?

The On Fire motto is: Fun, Friendship and Flourish and we certainly pulled each other up, over, and through mud puddles, pools, and tyres.  No one was left behind! Although, we did loose a shoe and several bandanas. We became an elite team of Young Carers, and Leaders, ready to face our fear of heights and mud. For two hours we climbed, slid, ran, pushed, pulled, crawled, and jumped our way through challenges.There was electricity in the air as we set our eyes on the last obstacle, a giant water slide straight into a man made pool. As each person flew through the air,  it was clear to see a wide smile across their face. The effort was well worth it, everyone had put in 110 percent, faced fears, made new friends, and shared a thrilling experience. By the end, we were unrecognisable covered in mud, leaves and bugs! Resilience is never lacking in Young Carers and a positive attitude got us through.  

We agreed our goal had been achieved; although tired, smelly and sticky, everyone felt great.  We learnt that taking care of our wellbeing had benefits and during our debrief; words such as strong, fit, supported, needed, accepted, brave, excited, relaxed, confident, and happy were all used. We ended our day with well-deserved chocolate and a bubble meditation as well as a promise to return bigger and better next year! 

To learn more about the On Fire Program please email desiree.odonnell@onedoor.org.au or visit our Facebook page.