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Topics covered include mental health, advocacy and policy and aim to educate, create awareness, and chip away at the stigma associated with mental illness.  

Dr Richard Schweizer is a consumer advocate and Policy Officer at One Door Mental Health. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 23, Richard is a keen public speaker about mental illness. Richard is also a serial student, having completed degrees in Arts and Law, a Masters in Journalism and a PhD about the sociology of schizophrenia.

Mental illness is normal
Dr Richard Schweizer from One Door Mental Health on why mental illness is deeply normal. 29 Jun 17
Category tag: Stigma | Advocacy | Mental Illness
Living with internalised stigma
Dr Richard Schweizer from One Door Mental Health talks about living with internalised stigma. 22 May ...
Ellen Marks
Suicide Prevention
One Door GM of Advocacy and Inclusion, Dr Ellen Marks, shares her thoughts on suicide prevention. 1 ...