Poetry and Photography Competition

2018 Poetry & Photography Competition Winners


The theme of this competition was 
Advocacy Through The Arts: Bringing Change Through Expression 
showing in words or pictures "what change means to you"

Entries were judged on how well they fulfilled the theme, as well as on the quality of the entry.
We are extremely appreciative of the time and consideration put in by our wonderful judges.

Photography Judges - Louise Buchanan (BFA) and Jennifer Madsen (BFA)
Poetry Judge - Dr Deanne Leber

Consumer Photography

  • First Prize: Amanda Stilbe - Breaking Through The Storm
  • Highly Commended: Richard Helich - Morning 1
  • Commended: Donelle Toussaint - Growth and New Beginnings

Carer Photography

  • First Prize: Danielle Jelfs - Seeming Serenity

Consumer Poems

  • First Prize: Christopher Connelly - Carbon Pollution
  • Highly Commended: Lisa Ostman - Dear Siblings
  • Commended: Belinda Curby - Intensive Care
  • Special Mention: Peter Merl - Morisset Blues

Carer Poems

  • First Prize: Ron Halsey - You Just Made My Day
  • Commended: Salome - Post-Divorce Recovery
2018 Competition Carer Poems
2018 Poetry and Photography Competition Carer Poetry
2018 Competition Consumer Poems
2018 Poetry and Photography Competition Consumer Poems
2018 Competition Consumer Photos
2018 Poetry and Photography Competition Consumer Photos
2018 Competition Carer Photos
2018 Poetry and Photography Competition Carer Photos