Personal Stories

Lived experience of mental illness

These stories are from carers and consumers and those working in mental health, many of whom are also carers and consumers.

At One Door Mental Health we understand what it means to live with mental illness as a carer or consumer.  80% of our staff are either consumers or carers.  Many of our staff work permanent part-time, enabling them to manage work and home life better.

Hear their stories, in their own words.

Personal Stories
Emily H. Young Carer. Sporting superstar. Advocate. Mental Health Educator.
Judy. Carer. Mum. Consumer. Advocate. Educator.
Shelley. Consumer. Carer. Mother. Grandmother. Published Author. Artist. Born in Mwanza, East Africa ...
Ellen. Policy Manager. Medical Researcher. Volunteer. Hobby Farmer. Cat Lover.
Doug. Committee Member. Fundraiser. Retired. Passionate About Travel.
Personal Stories - Carol-Anne1
Carol-Anne. Receptionist. Carer. Matriarch. English Teacher. Museum Collection Manager.
James. Consumer. Musician. Advocate. Educator.
Emily A. Young Carer. Artist. Ukulele enthusiast.
Maria. General Manager of Operations. Sole Parent. Art history buff. Animal lover.