Emily H

Emily. Carer. Sporting superstar. Advocate. Mental Health Educator.

“If you are struggling, my advice is to just speak up and tell people that you need help.”

How did your relationship with One Door begin?

My dad got me into On Fire, for young carers when I was eight years old. He thought my sister and I needed a break every once in a while because it got too much seeing my dad being sick all the time. He thought he would do something good for us and get us into the program.

How has being involved in On Fire helped you?

It's just good to be away from my family and meet new people. When I meet up with everybody it's good to know that they're going through similar stuff, but we can just forget about it for one day and have fun. Meeting new people and getting to know their stories, more about them and their interests as well is terrific.

What is your vision for the future of mental health care in Australia?

I think that mental illness needs to be talked about in schools more; students and teachers need to be educated about it. Teachers learn how to do first aid but I think they should also be taught how to talk to students about mental illness and mental health care solutions.

What do you want people to know or understand about mental illness?

Pretty much that everyone's on the same page and everyone should work together to support one another. We need to work together to fix everything and make a change..

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