James. Consumer. Musician. Advocate. Educator.

“I like that One Door is a collection of souls with a common goal; to help people see schizophrenia in its true light, and to make things better for people with a mental illness. I want to see people with mental illness get the support that they need, and also the opportunities such as work and being able to earn a living.”

How has being involved with One Door been of help to you over these years?

I think primarily, the Pioneer Clubhouse has been a great help to me, at the time (of my mental illness) it was what I really needed. It was a good place to go and socialise with other people with mental illness or anybody really. Being involved in the work program and learning new skills, just having opportunities here and there.

What are some of the things that you like about One Door?

It’s basically a collection of souls with a common view, a common goal, to see schizophrenia in its true light. We're all so different, people have different occupations and life experiences whether they're from a mental illness background or not, but we are a group of people who want to make things better. 

Do you have a picture of what you want the future of mental health care to look like in Australia? 

Quite simply, I would like to see people with mental illness get the support and opportunities that they need.

What advice do you have for someone living with a mental illness?

Get help wherever you can find it. Talk to your friends, talk to your family. If you think that they might not receive it as well as you would like them to, do it anyway, because you might be surprised.

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