Maria. General Manager of Operations. Sole Parent. Art history buff. Animal lover. 

“Rather than give advice, I want to listen to somebody with a mental illness, I want to know what they want, if they are supported adequately and what aspirations and hopes they may have. Mental illness can affect anyone, and people need to keep that in mind.”

How did your relationship with One Door start?

I have been working in public mental health care for over 30 years, so, when I came close to retirement, I thought about what I wanted to do with the remaining few years of work. I decided to leave the bureaucracy and retire from the public service. I sought out an organisation that appealed to me in terms of its core values and I happened upon One Door. I joined One Door in 2013, and it's been interesting, because it's been a full circle for me, returning to what was my original interest and passion, as a social worker. 

What are the things you like about One Door?

The key thing that attracts me to One Door is its culture. It's a very compassionate, a very caring culture, and that's really shaped by the high proportion of people who work in One Door who have a lived experience. We talk the talk, we literally walk the walk. Using the recovery approach, One Door really lends itself well to a very inclusive approach.

What are your goals, for the future, at One Door?

I would like to see One Door grow, because I think it's an organisation that is doing the right things, for the right reasons. One Door will be more sustainable if it grows, but that growth must be in the context of retaining its culture, rather than losing it.

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