Shelley K

Shelley. Consumer. Carer. Mother. Grandmother. Published Author. Artist. Born in Mwanza, East Africa.

“Be kind. Make mental health a daily conversation.”

How has One Door helped you?

It’s provided me with permanent part-time work in a relatively calm culture. One of the amazing things about One Door is the huge amount of people with shared objectives that you come into contact with. So it’s like having a peer workforce, using peers instead of specialised people works so much better, because people in recovery just need to hear someone else's story. 

What do you like about One Door?

It is rhizomatic in nature; it's like a plant that self-seeds, so through support groups for instance, once they find the values of One Door they embrace it and spread the support; there's a new sunflower, and then another one, and another one. We've become like a huge, huge meadow of sunflowers, all people learning to eliminate stigma every time they get an opportunity, which is what you do. You go and talk to people about mental health, and suddenly the stigma is gone.

If we could put you on a pedestal, and you could say something to the world about mental health, what would you want people to understand?

Be kind. Everyone's having a hard time. So, just talk about it. Make mental health a daily conversation.

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