Minding Madness Project

A play to highlight the struggles of children living with parents with a mental illness 


One Door’s Beautiful Minds, in partnership with Improvising Change

The idea of the play is to bring to the community’s attention these child ‘Carers’ who live amongst us silently. The play is titled ‘Minding Madness’.

Instead of enjoying their childhood years, they are forced to worry about mum or dad in a way most people cannot imagine. They have all the stressors of an adult, but only the capabilities of a child to navigate those stressors.

Joy Roberts, creative director from Improvising Change, has collected stories from people with lived experience, both past and present. Several of these stories will be performed by adult professional actors in verbatim style to create the play ‘Minding Madness’.   

Minding Madness will be performed as a showcase on 18th October 2018 as a part of mental health month, 7pm, at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern.

A Canadian documentary, which follows the lives of 3 families and the children who live with their parent’s illness will also be shown on the evening. 

Tickets available here.