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January 2019

Links to personality trait

A range of various mental illnesses, such as depression, substance abuse, and psychosis, are linked to the same personality trait, research suggests.

ASMR – an autonomous sensory meridian response

An unconventional youtube trend may play a role in addressing mental illness:

Genetic study of eating disorders could pave way for new treatment

In this article researchers explore whether genes and early eating habits may trigger “disordered” eating later in life.

Climate change has an unexpected impact on mental health

We are all (well, mostly) aware that climate change is having a significant impact on temperatures and climate around the world. But can it impact on mental health? This study explores the possibility.

If you feel thankful, write it down

Engaging regularly with a sense of gratitude may positively impact your mental health.

Teen marijuana use and schizophrenia

A mouse study has suggested that teen marijuana use may be linked to inflammation associated with schizophrenia and other illnesses.

US gun violence in 2018

Gun violence in the United States often seems strange, if not bizarre, to many people outside the US. Here are three articles that offer different perspectives on gun violence and the connection to mental illness and politics.

Disability, thoughts of suicide and Australian men

It’s a difficult subject, but men in Australia are much more at risk of having suicidal thoughts than women; now, new research looks at what this means for Australian men with a disability.

Therapy dogs for mental illness and in prisons

Therapy dogs are an interesting and often effective support mechanism for people with mental illness. This article looks at the relationship between having such dogs and self harm of people in prison.

Mental health of Nauru detainee 

In this article, doctors suggest that the mental health of a detainee on Nauru is deteriorating fast:

Increasing confidence of pharmacy students caring for suicide risk patients

Confidence and attitudes of pharmacy students towards suicidal crises: Health care professionals, including pharmacists, have the potential to recognise and assist those at risk of suicide. The primary aim of this study was to assess the impact of utilising people with a lived experience of mental illness as simulated patients on final year pharmacy students’ attitudes toward and confidence in caring for people at risk of suicide after first receiving Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training.

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Academic Research Articles

January 2019  

Birth order and suicide risk

Could the order of your birth in a family affect your liability to suicide later in life? This article examines the facts around this issue.

Schizophrenia and depression: marriage and sex

This article examines the marital and sexual functioning in patients with schizophrenia and depressive disorders.

Factors helping those with MI stop smoking

It is a known fact that people with mental illness often smoke more than the wider population. This article looks at some of the factors which helped people experiencing mental distress stop smoking.

Work engagement and mental health

Can too much work impact your mental health? This question is explored in the following article.