Media Release 11 Aug 2021

Media Release 11 Aug 2021. One Door Mental Health pioneers a new form of support for NDIS participants

One Door Mental Health launches Enriching You, an NDIS-funded Cognitive Remediation Therapy program for people living with psychotic illnesses.

“It is estimated that 690,000 people have a diagnosed severe mental illness in Australia1”, said Kathi Boorman, CEO of One Door Mental Health. “Out of those, 42% have a psychosocial disability that affects their day-to-day living. Improving everyday function and harnessing relationships and connections can be an important factor in supporting recovery”.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT) is an intervention designed to improve basic thinking skills such as attention, memory, executive function and social cognition2. Together with other evidence-based rehabilitative approaches, it can improve vocational and social functioning3.

“We know that many people we support have difficulty remembering appointments or planning everyday chores. They often feel foggy, stuck, or challenged by life’s ordinary tasks4,” said Ms Boorman. “Enriching You recognises that many people need support in developing these skills, which can have a great impact on a person’s day-to-day life.”

People who enrol in the program will work with one of our experienced psychologists to make the most of this new approach. Participants will access a range of entertaining brain games to exercise, train or bypass cognitive deficits that are getting in the way of good everyday functioning.

Enriching You will run over 12 weeks in One Door’s Chatswood computer lab. This CRT program is available for NDIS participants under their ‘Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living’ funding. After an initial one-on-one assessment with a clinical team, participants will have face to face hands-on support in a group environment, learn exercises to practice in between sessions, and receive a completion certificate. A post-therapy assessment will be provided to the NDIS.

Enriching You will launch later this year as soon as COVID-19 restrictions allow. One Door Mental Health is excited to be pioneering this new form of support for NDIS participants and looks forward to expanding the program to other locations across NSW in future.

One Door will be hosting a series of online demonstrations free to the public on Wednesday 18th August and Friday 27th August. In these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to hear about the program, ask questions and enjoy first-hand an engaging demonstration of the web-based therapy tool - HappyNeuron Pro. To register visit:

For more information about the program, please contact our Health Care team:
02 9199 6143

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