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All studies on this page have received Ethics Approvals
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How have you been coping with the effects of COVID-19?

Are you over 18 years old and living in Australia? Sydney University researchers want to hear about the impact of COVID-19 on your life.

You are invited to take part in a research study about the mental health and comorbid impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian community. This study investigates how housing, social relationships, comorbidities and resilience impact on mental health and wellbeing.  Our aim is to discover what puts our community at risk during pandemics, what protects them, and what can be done to protect community mental health and comorbidities better in the future.  
You have been invited to participate in this study because you are a person living in the Australian community who is aged 18 or above. This Participant Information Statement tells you about the research study. Knowing what is involved will help you decide if you want to take part in the research. Please read this sheet carefully and ask questions about anything that you don’t understand or want to know more about.  
Participation in this research study is voluntary and takes between 30 - 60 mins. 

By giving your consent to take part in this study you are telling us that you: 

Understand what you have read.
Agree to take part in the research study as outlined below.
Agree to the use of your personal information as described.

To participate contact Dr Marlee Bower: or ph 02 8627 9332

Research on Emerging Adults and their Mental Health Recovery

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Western Sydney's University is looking for young people between 18-29 years old who have experienced mental health issues, problems or concerns in the past. 
We want to know about their mental health recovery.

Below is the link to the qualitative survey:

Name :     Ms. Aileen Lane, Master of Research Candidate - School of Nursing & Midwifery
Email :

Exploring Mental Health Caregiving Study

This is a study looking at understanding caregiver experiences through the Power Threat Meaning Framework. They are looking for caregivers to interview regarding their experiences and how this fits into a new mental health framework. All participants receive a $25 gift-card for their time. Interviews will be conducted at ACAP in Sydney or via ZOOM.

For more info about the study, click here