Research Study Application Form

Research Study Application Form

External Research Studies

One Door receives many requests from Universities and other institutions to assist in the sourcing of research participants either through our membership or via advertisement.
An organisation wishing to undertake research with our members/consumers/staff/or other contacts is required to provide:

  • relevant documents outlining the project
  • ethics approval from an authorised body
  • participant information and consent form
  • advertising flyer 
  • institution's logo / small advert containing logo  jpg/png/gif
  • a short introduction - maximum 150 words
  • start and finish dates for participation / end of advertising
  • if the institution would like to have it promoted on our Facebook pages

Maximum total files to be uploaded via the form is 20 Mb, so please check your total file sizes prior to submitting the form

Please use the Research Study Application Form below to submit your information

All such proposals are to be placed before One Door’s General Manager for Advocacy and Inclusion for approval. Each proposal will be considered for its suitability in relation to One Door’s goals and objectives, the relevance to the membership or target audience and timing. The researcher(s) will be requested to ensure that participants get feedback on the results of the research.

Once the General Manager for Advocacy and Inclusion has approved the research project for promotion through One Door, the project can be advertised on One Door’s public website and other relevant communications channels. Where the General Manager for Advocacy and Inclusion has any uncertainty about approval, the request will be referred to the CEO.

One Door also receives requests to take a more active role in sourcing research participants.  In these instances the decision by the General Manager for Advocacy and Inclusion will take into account the views of the relevant General Manager, the workload of staff and the frequency of these requests as this would involve staff assisting in sourcing participants, for example, through support groups/Carer Services

participants.  These projects are considered as partnership projects and One Door should receive acknowledgement in any published papers or PhD thesis.

One Door also proactively seeks and develops partnerships with researchers at Universities.  The partnerships range from the provision of Remind consumer educators, the evaluation of a Fellowship program, a partnership wherein a staff member or One Door is actively involved in the research, to other joint ventures.

One Door is committed to the development of evidence-based policies and programs through ongoing review and evaluation of existing programs, which forms an important part of One Door’s quality assurance procedures. Whether or not a program should be formally evaluated will depend on reporting requirements, the size of the investment, strategic importance, level of innovation and degree of complexity.

External Research Study Application Form

Maximum total files to be uploaded is 20 Mb
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