Bilingual Hospital 2 Home

Bilingual Hospital 2 Home

 The Bilingual Hospital 2 Home program helps people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities living in Western Sydney to connect to mental health services, develop resilience, increase understanding around mental health and reduce hospital readmission.

Our program supports integration into the community by facilitating community-based support groups, delivering person-centred, recovery-oriented, family focused and trauma informed services.

Our goal is to strengthen the coordination, referral pathways and connection between people so they can live independently and pursue a fulfilling life.

Our Services
  • Assist you in establishing goals that are important to you and set a plan to achieve these goals.
  • Provide practical help such as accompany you to medical appointments and linking you in with other community services as needed.
  • Assist you to navigate Centrelink and other government agencies.
  • Link you in with social, lifestyle and in-ward groups to meet other people and take part in activities.
  • Provide public educational sessions to improve the community understanding of mental health.
  • Visit you whilst you are in hospital to offer support and address any concerns you may have about leaving hospital.
  • Participate in your discharge plan in order to understand your individual needs and to identify how to best assist you once you are at home.

One Door proudly delivers the Bilingual Hospital 2 Home, made possible by funding from Western Sydney Primary Health Network.

Contact details

Please contact: 
(02)9199 6185