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Caring for Carers

When you’re looking after a family member who is living with a mental illness, it can take its toll on your own health, wellbeing and life goals.  Ensuring that you get the support and respite you need so you can be the best version of yourself for your loved one is paramount; so who cares for the carers?

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One Door has a range of services on offer for the families of people with mental illness. Just because your loved one is living with a mental illness does not mean you can’t achieve your own goals.
We’re here to support you in a range of ways.

NSW Family & Carer Mental Health Program (FCMHP)

One Door Mental Health is the service provider for the NSW Family & Carer Mental Health Program in partnership with five Local Health Districts (LHD). The five LHDs involved are Hunter New England, Murrumbidgee, Southern NSW, South Western Sydney and Sydney. The FCMHP is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health. One Door employ Carer Advocates to deliver this program to those who support someone living with a mental illness. Read more...

Carer Education Sessions

Carer Education Sessions are among the many supports we offer for families and carers, facilitated by our Carer Advocates. These sessions are tailored specifically for families and carers of people living with mental illness. Our education sessions cover a wide range of topics including information to cope with the grief of diagnosis, how to care for someone living with mental illness while maintaining boundaries, caring for yourself, and much more.

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Quit because you care

Supporting someone with mental illness to quit smoking

Carers can be an important source of support and motivation for a person who is trying to quit smoking. 

The free Quit Because You Care guide is designed for Carers.  It provides information and practical tips on how to support someone living with mental illness to quit smoking.

If the person you care for is thinking about quitting and interested in your support, the Quit Because You Care guide can help you understand what kinds of help work best and how to reduce you and your family’s exposure to second-hand smoke. 

Download the Quit Because You Care guide here. (PDF 2.8MB)
Quit Because You Care: a partnership between Sydney Local Health District and One Door Mental Health. 

To watch the video, or download the English, Arabic, Chinese or Vietnamese Guides go to Quit Because You Care

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Mental Health Respite Carer Support (MHRCS)

 Mental Health Respite Carer Support (MHRCS) is funded by the Department of Social Services.  As an NDIS provider, One Door Carer Services offer one-on-one support for carers who are One Door clients. We can provide support to you in navigating the NDIS for both you and the person you care for. For more information please contact your nearest One Door Carer Services Location.

Young Carers

We support young carers though our ‘OnFire!’ program also funded through MHRCS.

On Fire is a peer support program that gives young people whose parents or siblings have mental illness opportunities to learn and grow. The program cultivates greater hope, resilience and well-being in young people aged 8-17 years whose lives are affected by mental illness. Read more...

Support Groups

Support groups build hope and strength through sharing experiences, problems, solutions, ideas and friendship. Our support groups have been a core part of what we do since we began. There are now more than 50 support groups across the state. 

We run a range of different groups that cater to all kinds of people affected by mental illness including families and carers. Read more ...


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