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Caring for Carers

When you’re looking after a family member who is living with a mental illness, it can take its toll on your own health, wellbeing and life goals.  Ensuring that you get the support and respite you need so you can be the best version of yourself for your loved one is paramount; so who cares for the carers?

One Door has a range of services on offer for the families of people with mental illness. From respite through to advocacy and education.  Just because your loved one is living with a mental illness does not mean you can’t achieve your goals. 

We’re here to support you in a range of ways. 

Carer Advocates

One Door Carer Advocates give you practical support at what can be a very difficult time for your family. They will support you with information to cope, help in building a network of support people, assistance in navigating the mental health system and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). A loved one’s mental illness diagnosis can be a hard time for the family, One Door’s carer advocates are available to help you access the supports and services you need but may not know exist.

Contact us to find your local Carer Advocate.

Carer Education Sessions

Among the many supports we offer for families and carers is our Carer Education Sessions. These sessions are tailored specifically for families and carers of people living with mental illness. Our education sessions cover a wide range of topics, including information to cope with the grief of diagnosis, how to care for someone living with mental illness while maintaining boundaries and caring for yourself and much more. 

Access to One Door’s Carer Education Sessions are fully funded. To find out more about our sessions and to book click here.

Carer Respite

One Door has a number of specialised retreats for carers of people living with mental illness to give you a break from your day-to-day responsibilities. You can curl up with a book in the sunshine, enjoy a meal at a local café or have a family barbecue. Talk to our highly-trained staff about our unique offerings:

  • Carer and family-only respite
  • Carer and family stays with the care recipient
  • Access to 24-hour support staff
  • Specialised weekend retreats for carer groups

Access to One Door’s carer respite services is available for people with approved respite funding or on a fee-for-service basis. Contact us to find out more about carer respite.

Support Groups

Support groups build hope and strength through sharing experiences, problems, solutions, ideas and friendship. Our support groups have been a core part of what we do since we began. There are now more than 50 support groups across the state. 

We run a range of different groups that cater to all kinds of people affected by mental illness including families and carers.  

The majority of One Door support groups are not run by doctors or health professionals, they’re run by people who have experience with mental illness. 
Every group makes new people welcome. 

Click here to find your local One Door Support Group.

Young Carers

We support young carers though our ‘On Fire’ program. 

On Fire

On Fire is a peer support program that gives young people whose parents or siblings have mental illness opportunities to learn and grow. The program cultivates greater hope, resilience and wellbeing in young people aged 8-17 years whose lives are affected by mental illness.

On offer are two main program activities.

  • Regular fun days occur throughout the year, offering participants the chance to meet new friends in similar family situations, have fun, and have a break.
  • Two day camps are run twice a year, combining fun activities, peer support, mental health and wellbeing groups, life skills and respite.

The On Fire community comprises of paid workers, volunteers, the local community and most importantly the participants. We encourage all participants to have a say in the activities of the group, to ensure relevant activities are undertaken and ownership of the program rests with not only the workers, but with the participants and volunteers.

On Fire can be accessed through referrals from schools and health services or families can self-refer. Fire (One Door's Young Carer program) is funded by the Department of Social Services.

Mental Health Respite Carer Support (MHRCS)

Carer Services also includes Mental Health Respite Carer Support (MHRCS), funded by Department of Social Services and Family & Carer Mental Health Program (FCMHP), funded by the NSW Ministry of Health.

NDIS for Carers

As an NDIS provider, Carer Services offers one:one support for carers who are clients.  The NDIS can be challenging to negotiate so either speak to your support worker, or call us for more information.


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