Mental Health Educators

Mental Health Educators


The Lived Experience

Each of our mental health educators are integral to the One Door Education and Training team by sharing our vision and passion to tackle stigma and improve the lives of those impacted by mental illness. Our customers tell us the mental health educators are the most moving and insightful part of our services.

One Door Education and Training works in partnership with consumers (someone living with mental illness) and carers (someone caring for someone living with mental illness), who bravely share details of their lived experience with mental illness as part of One Door's services.

One Door's mental health educators undergo professional public speaking and presentation training, assisting them in effectively sharing their stories, insights and knowledge to a variety of audiences.

Call (02) 9879 2600 or email us for information on booking a mental health educator to share their lived experience with your employees, organisation, community group, school, university or TAFE.

Click here if you are interested in becoming a mental health educator and sharing your experiences with the wider community.