Tobacco Free

one day workshop

Tobacco Free is a structured evidenced based 10 week smoking cessation program developed to assist smokers living with a mental illness to reduce their nicotine dependence. It is also suitable for health workers, counsellors, carers and other people working in the hospital and community services sectors.

This one day workshop will train staff and peer workers to run the 10 week Tobacco Free program for clients that need support and guidance to address their tobacco use. This workshop has proved to be highly effective in helping people with a mental illness reduce their smoking or quit smoking. Participants in this workshop will receive the Tobacco Free facilitator manual to enable them to implement and facilitate the program.

By the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • encourage smokers with a mental illness to think about their tobacco use
  • support people with a mental illness to make a decision about what they would like to do about their smoking
  • provide information and links to further support people with a mental illness who smoke to address their tobacco use
  • encourage people with a mental illness to talk to health workers about their smoking and tobacco use.

In addition, participants will receive links to relevant resources that are readily available to help them facilitate the 10 week Tobacco Free program. Additional support can be provided to help organisations purchase nicotine replacement therapy and a smokerlyzer, to assist them in facilitating and implementing the Tobacco Free program.

To discuss your specific needs please phone: (02) 9879 2600 or email us