H2H – Hospital to Home

Navigating your transition

H2H - Hospital to Home provides support for people living with mental illness and those who have self-harmed or attempted suicide for up to 12 weeks following discharge from hospital. Those first few weeks are when people are at their most vulnerable.

H2H - Hospital to Home is highly successful in:

  • preventing attempted and completed suicide.
  • keeping people out of hospital.
  • improving health outcomes.
  • reducing isolation.
  • enhancing engagement in network supports.
  • improving partnerships with service networks.

H2H - Hospital to Home saves lives.

Our H2H - Hospital to Home support workers help people to connect to the services and support they need to live well in their community. Our qualified support workers bring their own lived experience of mental illness to the role. They’ve been there. They understand and can provide the support each person needs to self-manage their recovery, connect with their GP, families, friends and other social networks, and reduce feelings of isolation.

Support workers:

  • establish initial contact with the person while in hospital.
  • participate in the discharge planning process.
  • work with each person to identify what they need to live well in their community.
  • reconnect people with their families and carers to provide the support they need.
  • provide practical support such as accompany people to the GP and other medical appointments, negotiate with Centrelink and connect people to social and other community activities and services.
  • initiate referrals, source information, assist with paperwork and assist
  • help people to establish and achieve goals.

 One Door proudly delivers the Hospital to Home program, made possible by funding from Western Sydney Primary Health Network. 

For more information contact 02 9854 5544.  

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