Physical Health

Physical Health


Exercise Physiology, Dietitian, Health and Wellbeing Services

We recognise the strong link between physical and mental health to assist to improve a person’s overall wellbeing and recovery. We also know that some mental health conditions increase the risk of chronic diseases which include:

  • Metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes.
  • Heart disease, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Exercise and diet may assist in preventing the onset of these chronic diseases. Our allied health clinicians and multidisciplinary team can assist with the management of these diseases.

A comprehensive individual healthy lifestyle plan can be tailored to your personal diet and exercise goals. Your individualised healthy lifestyle plan is then followed up in individual sessions fortnightly or monthly with the dietitian or exercise physiologist.

The following group health programs and services are also available, New Moves and Tobacco Free at many of our locations across NSW. We deliver these programs on a group basis. Individual smoking cessation support is also available.

New Moves

Is a healthy lifestyle program which provides fun physical activities, healthy meals, peer support and discussion topics for people living with a mental illness aged 18-65 years. more...

Tobacco Free

The Tobacco Free program is a continuous group program that runs weekly for one hour. The program runs for 48 weeks. more...

Meet our exercise physiologists and dietitians

We are very proud of our highly qualified and experienced mental health specialists. They are dedicated to providing best practice health care for their clients. more...

Mental Health Sports Network (MHSN)

The goal of Mental Health Sports Network (MHSN) is to give people with mental illness opportunities to improve both their mental and physical well being through engagement in sporting activities. more...


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