Tobacco Free

Tobacco Free


Tobacco Free

The Tobacco Free program is a continuous group program that runs weekly for one hour. The program runs for 48 weeks. It is a supportive program tailored to people living with a mental illness who want to:

• Quit tobacco
• Reduce tobacco use
• Think about addressing tobacco

The program aims to encourage smokers to think about their tobacco use and provides participants with the opportunity to learn about their smoking to assist them to make a decision about reducing their smoking and quitting. The group setting allows participants to share ideas and learn from each other to build skills and strategies to address their tobacco use.

Individual One on One Smoking Support

Individual one on one smoking support allows for more time to assist the person to make an individual decision to quit smoking. The individual smoking support is designed for people who need extra time and tailored support to reduce their nicotine dependence. Individual smoking cessation sessions run weekly or fortnightly for 1 hour.