One Door Gladesville

The Old Gladesville Hospital
Building 36, Digby Road
Gladesville NSW 2111

Reception: 02 9879 2600

Information & Support
1800 843 539

 Monday - Friday   9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to One Door Gladesville (Head Office)

One Door’s head office is located in The Old Gladesville Hospital, a site with a long history of innovation and progress in mental health care. Our head office is the hub of our corporate services, workforce support and advocacy work.

Advocacy has always been a strong part of what we do. We believe strongly in our mission to create a world where people with mental illness are valued and treated as equals. 

Access to mental health services are not available at One Door Gladesville. The closest service location is at The Hub in Chatswood

For more information about our head office operations, please call 02 9879 2600.

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