National Community Connector Program

The National Community Connector Program (NCCP)

NCCP seeks to support individuals experiencing psychosocial disability, especially those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our role is to connect with participants and to initially inform of what the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is and how it could potentially benefit the participant. Community Connectors can help participants apply for NDIS or support them to access services that could do this, while continuing to support the participant throughout their journey.

Community Connectors activity in summary:

• work with participants to apply for NDIS
• will refer participants to other supports that can aid their recovery journey
• linking participants to GP’s and other clinical supports
• refer to supports that can assist to build their case for NDIS
• assistance to complete supporting documentation
• supporting clinical professionals to correctly complete Access Request Forms & Evidence of Psychosocial Disability Forms
• supporting participants to link with housing and homelessness services

While traditional referral pathways are in operation, the Community Connectors perform assertive and proactive outreach activities in the goal of reaching the targeted community who have the additional barrier of homelessness on top of barriers that are already in existence for people living with a psychosocial disability.

There are three Community Connectors based in Sydney. Two Community Connectors from One Door Mental Health (ODMH) and one Community Connector from Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA). Currently the Community Connectors from ODMH and ICLA based in Sydney City LGA are collaborating for assertive and proactive outreach activities, as well as cross referring based on capacity to ensure support can be achieved for participants in a timely manner.