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While we have made some enormous gains, we still have a long way to go! We want to help more people, ensure our waiting lists don’t grow, and translate the growing awareness of mental illness into practical help on the ground – today. 

A little action goes a long way.
We know, because unlike any other organisation out there, the majority of our team report having a lived experience – that is, first-hand experience of mental illness or caring for someone who with mental illness. This depth of lived experience means we aren’t just delivering services, we are passionately working to create a better world for people who live with and care for someone with mental illness – for all of us. We know first-hand how precious our resources are and the enormous difference they make. 

Please join us.
We’ve laid the foundations for a successful future and we’d like you to join us on this important journey. We ask that you give generously. Your gift will make a huge difference. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Join us in creating a better world for people living with mental illness.

You can support us in a range of different ways. You can decide if your donation goes towards keeping our services going or towards research into schizophrenia.

You can support research into mental illness by donating to the Peter Meyer Fund.  

The Fund is named after Peter Daniel Meyer. Peter was born on 5 November 1974. He was a student of Sydney Grammar School. When he was only 22, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Although he went through 20 difficult years living with his condition he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Sydney University. He also attended RMIT and St. Georges TAFE. Peter took his own life on 1 January 2003. Peter’s parents, Rosalind and Bob Meyer, set up the Fund in his honour within days of his death.

The fund is to provides grants to young researchers working to fill the gap in knowledge about schizophrenia. To financially contribute towards young researchers’ outstanding work on schizophrenia click here.

If you are a researcher and you would like to apply for a grant from the Peter Meyer Fund, please click here.

To read personal stories about the people your donations help click here.  

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