Spotlight on Newcastle

Welcome to One Door Newcastle

Drive 160km north of Sydney and you will find yourself in Australia’s second oldest city. Newcastle has a long and interesting history including being the birthplace of Australia’s first coal mine, first convict lumber yard, first Australian railway, home of Arnott’s biscuits, the first Aussie city to elect a female Lord Mayor – Joy Cummings – home to Marcia Hines and Jennifer Hawkins, and has produced the most dancers to the Australian Ballet Company than any other city.

Additionally, One Door Mental Health Newcastle is the hub of mental health supports and services in the Hunter region.  

One Door NDIS Services, Newcastle:

The One Door Newcastle team are available to assist clients from the Hunter region in transitioning to the NDIS as well as provide individual support to clients with an NDIS package. We also have staff at One Door who can provide Coordination of Support for clients, if you already have an NDIS package and would like One Door to provide any of the below services, please get in contact with us.

NDIS activities:

  • Coordination of Support
  • Individual support
  • Centre-based activities 

One Door Sunflower Centre Newcastle

Sunflower Centre Newcastle is a centre-based service that gives you somewhere to go to make friends, take part in activities or even just have a cup of coffee and a chat. You’ll be warmly welcomed by people who understand your experiences and have lived them before. 

Sunflower Centre Newcastle staff may also be able to help support people in their transition to the NDIS as well as provide individual support for clients with an NDIS package. 

Carer Services Newcastle

The One Door team in Newcastle are experts in caring for carers. 

Looking after someone living with mental illness can certainly take its toll.

One Door Carer Services provides information, education, advocacy, and support, through the Family and Carer Mental Health Program (FCMHP).

One Door’s Carer Advocates based in the Hunter region can provide individual support services, as well as education and training for carers and families of someone living with mental illness. Read more...

On Fire - Young Carers:

On offer are two main activities:

  • Regular fun days occur throughout the year, offering participants who are in similar family situations the chance to meet new friends, have fun, and take a break. 
  • Two day camps are run twice a year, combining fun activities, peer support, mental health and wellbeing groups, life skills and respite. 

On Fire can be accessed through referrals from schools and health services or families can self-refer. This program is funded by the Department of Social Services. Read more...