Elvis. Regional Manager. Social Worker. Refugee. Muslim. Carer. Dog Owner.

“That 70% of our staff have identified as having lived an experience is amazing. It's the first time I've seen an organisation provide an opportunity to identify with that, value the experience and then support them in their jobs.”

What are the things you like about One Door?

If you need help, people are on hand to help, support you and see things through. There's always a positive outlook in terms of future, people are really hopeful and encouraging. Also the lived experience part is really intriguing to me because it's probably the first organisation I've worked for where it's so prominent. One Door provides great opportunity for people who have lived an experience with mental illness. 70% of our staff have identified that they've have lived an experience either personally or through someone close to them.

What is your vision for the future of mental health care in Australia?

I'd like to see the breakdown of isolation barriers and the financial burdens that people have. I think as a carer, those are two huge obstacles for people with mental illness. The isolation and the boredom, as well as not having the financial burden to do activities, that's the kind of things I'd like to see change. I’d also like to see a support system for the people who are supporting people. 

What would you want people to understand about mental illness?

That it's something that we all have, and that it comes in waves and we all might have a bad day sometimes and we need to help each other to ride that wave and see it through.