Kinga. Psychologist. Counsellor. Social Worker. Mum. Owner of a Blind Dog. Speaks Five Languages.

“I chose to work here…because of their focus on the client”

Were there any particular things that drew you to One Door? 

I’ve worked in the field for a very, very long time so I was familiar with the organisation, but when I chose to work here I think it was because of their focus on the client. It is very person-centred. It's a not for profit organisation. It gives much more flexibility on how you work with the clients. There’s also a strong focus on the consumer and advocacy for the consumer.

What is your vision for the future of mental health care in Australia?

My list is very long. I still believe as much as Australia is very open-minded, it's still very judgmental. A lot of people who are affected by mental illness don't want to disclose this, because they feel judged by others.

I’d love the nation to have a little bit more knowledge about mental health. What that means, that everyone is different. We’re all people, but every single person who is affected by mental illness is different. I would love to see a change in the whole attitude towards mental health. There are so many other things as well, like improved education and facilities.

What advice do you have for someone with mental illness or someone who has a loved one with mental illness?

Don't give up. Never give up. Always believe in yourself and remember there's somebody there who will help you, and wants to help you. Learn to ask for help.

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