Mental Health Act and Official Visitors

Mental Health Act and Official Visitors


Official Visitors are appointed by the NSW Minister for Mental Health to visit people in mental health inpatient facilities in NSW and are available to assist consumers on community treatment orders. Official Visitors can listen to patients’ or carers’ concerns and help to resolve them, or, with permission, they can act to resolve it on their behalf.

Official Visitors are independent from the health system and come from the community from a range of cultural, professional and personal backgrounds. They aim to safeguard standards of treatment and care, and advocate for the rights and dignity of people being treated under the NSW Mental Health Act 2007.

Patients (consumers), carers, family, friends, staff and other people with an interest in the care and treatment of people with a mental illness can contact the Official Visitors. Patients or carers can let the staff know if they want to see an Official Visitor during their next visit.

If you do not see an Official Visitor when they visit or to request an information session, you can telephone 1800 208 218 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, free of charge from within NSW.

Here is some information about official visitors:

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