Carer Education Modules

Carer Education Modules are designed to assist carers of people living with mental illness


Assisting Families?….Knowing how is half the battle

One Door's Carer Services, in collaboration with our Education & Training team, have created a suite of workshops known as “Assisting Families”. 

Specifically designed for families, carers and friends of those living with mental illness, these workshops are relaxed, caring and value the lived experience framework. Families can build on their knowledge and skills, and enjoy the support of others in similar situations.  

Module 1. Assisting with Mental Illness

This module looks at the concepts of mental health and mental illness; some indicators of mental illness; the key differences between someone who displays poor mental health and someone with a diagnosed mental illness; factors in the development of mental illness and information regarding brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and the structure and function of the brain and their role in mental illness.

Module 2. Assisting with Psychosis

This module will provide an opportunity to learn about the signs, symptoms and treatments of psychosis. It will also provide information concerning recovery and treatment options, including local supports and services.

Module 3. Assisting with Schizophrenia

This module will provide an opportunity to learn about the definition, diagnosis and causes of schizophrenia, as well as concepts of recovery and wellness support planning.

Module 4. Assisting with Depression

This module will provide an opportunity to learn more about depression and the signs, symptoms and treatments. It will also explore the impact on family members and carers, identify supports and self-care strategies.

Module 5. Assisting with Bipolar Disorder

This module will provide an opportunity to learn more about bipolar disorder and the signs, symptoms and treatments, as well as the experience of bipolar disorder for those with the illness and their loved ones.

Module 6. Assisting with Meaningful Communication

This module will provide an opportunity to become familiar with certain models of communication, practice skills and explore how these might apply to the relationship between people living with mental health problems and their carers.

Module 7. Assisting with Conversations about Change

We cannot change another person only ourselves, however there are ways of communicating that may open up the possibility of change. This module explores some of these communication strategies and adds them to the toolbox of communication skills.

Module 8. Assisting with Challenging Conversations

This module gives participants the opportunity to consider the types of challenging conversations mental health carers face. It will introduce the concept of conflict and ways of handling conflict and aggression. Conflict resolution and other related communication is vast. This module provides participants with an introduction.

Module 9. Assisting with Finding Hope in Grief and Loss

This module will provide an opportunity to understand how the concepts of grief and loss can apply to the role of a carer and to explore personal experiences of grief and loss with regard to being a carer of someone with a mental illness.

Module 10. Assisting with Recovery

The National Framework for Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services (Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council, 2013) identifies the importance of supporting families to understand the experience of the person living with mental illness and their recovery process. The Framework also focuses on how carers can assist and how they can put into place the supports and strategies to enhance their own wellbeing.

Module 11. Assisting with Suicide Risk

This module aims to build on participants’ skills and confidence to have a conversation with their loved one about suicide; to assist them to identify warning signs and to reach out for help and support. This module will also give participants the opportunity to explore the impact of the caring role on themselves and their own wellbeing.

Module 13. Assisting with Mindfulness

This module introduces the concept of mindfulness and offers the opportunity for participants to experience some techniques which can then be used in daily life.

Module 14. Assisting with Caring for Yourself

This module explores the importance of self-care for families and carers. It aims to help identify aspects of life which may get in the way of self-care and to assist participants to develop ideas and strategies for nurturing that can inform their personal self-care journey.

Module 15. Assisting with Anxiety

This introductory module will give you the opportunity to learn about the definition and differential diagnosis of anxiety, as well as symptoms, causes, recovery and management of anxiety.

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