How can you help people living with mental illness?


We are in a unique time of change with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the winding down of existing funded programs - this is resulting in a period of uncertainty and stress for many people and families coping with mental illness. One Door is doing its best to support people through the transition but there is a real danger that some will be left without any support services at all.  


One Door is a not-for-profit service provider for people living with mental illness. We rely on your support to do our life-changing work. 

General Appeal

When you give to One Door’s General Appeal you can be confident that your money goes directly to services that support people living with mental illnesses. We have more than 44 sites across NSW and ACT all of which need funding to make sure there is someone there when people in need knock on One Door.

For many years One Door has helped people living with mental illness when it appeared all hope was gone. Make a contribution today to ensure we can continue to be there for some of the most isolated and marginalised people in our community. 

Research Trust Fund

The One Door Research Trust Fund provides individuals and teams in the field of schizophrenia research funding of up to $100,000 for a single project over two years or support of a doctoral student for up to $30,000 over two years.

The Research Trust Fund aims to:

  • provide financial support for research projects examining psychosocial factors and how they relate to schizophrenia,
  • provide financial support to pilot novel psychosocial treatments in schizophrenia, and
  • support programs that examine the role of clubhouses in the provision of recovery services in schizophrenia.

To contribute to One Door’s Research Trust Fund, click here.

If you are a researcher and you would like to apply for a grant from the Research Trust Fund, you can find more information here.

Peter Meyer Fund

The Peter Meyer Fund supports research into schizophrenia.

The fund is named after Peter Daniel Meyer. Peter was born on 5 November 1964. He was a student of Sydney Grammar School. When he was only 22, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Although he went through 20 difficult years living with his condition he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Sydney University. He also attended RMIT and St. Georges TAFE. Peter took his own life on 1 January 2003. Peter’s parents, Rosalind and Bob Meyer, set up the Fund in his honour within days of his death.

The fund is to provide grants to young researchers working to fill the gap in knowledge about schizophrenia.

To donate to the Peter Meyer Fund click here.

If you are a researcher and you would like to apply for a grant from the Peter Meyer Fund, you can find more information here.