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Rebuild relationships, gain opportunities, and work towards recovery in a supportive environment

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Pioneer Clubhouse is a safe, supportive and respectful community for adults living with mental health challenges where they can realise their individual goals together.

What is Pioneer Clubhouse and what can it do for me?

Pioneer Clubhouse is a community of adults living with or recovering from mental health challenges. Through participation in the Clubhouse, people are given the opportunity to rejoin the worlds of friendship, family, meaningful work, employment and education. Members may also access services and tailored support for their individual needs.

At Pioneer Clubhouse members and staff work side by side, completing daily Clubhouse tasks as part of a structured “work ordered day”. In fact Clubhouse depends upon this meaningful work and members’ skills for its upkeep.

Work ordered day at Pioneer

At Pioneer Clubhouse, members can work in a vast range of capacities. Within the Business Unit members develop both specific and general skills needed in the workplace: computer literacy, typing, printing and laminating, as well as the ability to work in a team, take instruction, carry responsibility and workplace tolerance.

The Business Unit also publishes a quarterly newsletter, Pioneer Post, which includes member stories, events, and showcases members’ poetry and artwork.

The Restaurant and Maintenance Unit (RAM) offers opportunities in cooking, cleaning, baking, gardening, and handy-work. In the café members can learn barista skills, take orders and perform cashier duties. 


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