Managing You


Managing You 

The Managing You program is specially designed for adults living or recovering from mental illness, and who want to learn self-management life skills.

This program will cover the following topics over 8 weekly sessions: 

 Time management: Understand how to effectively manage your time
 Money management & budgeting session A: Understand money management & budgets
 Money management & budgeting session B: Continuation of budgeting & tracking your money
 Goal setting: Understand how to set specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic goals
 Structured problem solving: Understand how to use structured problem-solving techniques
 Sleep hygiene: Understand how to maintain healthy sleep patterns and hygiene
 Relaxation: Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, passive muscle relaxation. progressive muscle relaxation & guided imagery & visualisation techniques
 Leisure activities: Understand how to incorporate leisure activities in your day-to-day living.

Download the Managing You flyer  (PDF 7.6MB)

Contact 9199 6143 or email to sign up or to get a referral pack. 


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