Through One Door Mental Health, people living with mental illness and their families can find an inclusive community, innovative services and advocacy support.

Paving the path to changing attitudes and an end to stigma.

In a world where eight in ten people believe depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar all diminish a person’s ability to undertake something as simple as paid work it is clear the community needs comprehensive mental illness education.

In the 37 years that One Door Mental Health has been helping people with severe and persistent mental illness, we have learnt there is only so far that one-on-one support goes. There are barriers to people with lived experience getting the help they need. These barriers can be broad and deep. They include stigma, misunderstanding mental health and a lack of adequate resources.


Research into mental illness

One Door Mental Health is dedicated to being at the forefront of knowledge about mental illness.

Our Advocacy Work

Providing an amplified voice for the people we support when speaking to power.

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Find a Support Group close to you

One Door currently coordinates three types of support groups, Strong and Social peer-led, lived-experience mutual support groups, community-based support groups which are peer-led and have mixed membership, and carer support groups which are connected to the Family and Carer Mental Health Program.

Bankstown Beautiful Minds

Providing support for Banks House, the acute mental health unit at Bankstown Hospital.

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Bathurst Mental Health Carers Support Group

Bathurst Mental Health Carers Support Group

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Blokes Talk

3rd Wednesday each month

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Burwood Carers Support Group

3rd Tuesday each month

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Camden Carer Support Group

4th Tuesday each month

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Campbelltown Beautiful Minds

Providing support for the acute mental health unit at Campbelltown Hospital.

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Casula - Strong and Social

Designed to help people maintain their mental health, stay connected with others who understand and overcome isolation.

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Community Forums

Connect, communicate and share with like-minded people in a similar situation. Forums are a supportive community where you can chat with others in similar situations. Join a discussion or start a new one today.

LIVED EXPERIENCE FORUMS Carers ForumsFinding North Network

Factsheets & Guides

SANE factsheets & guides provide easy-to-read information on complex mental health issues for everyone.

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